Jacob Elior Berkowitz

St. Louis, but I'm on the move.

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A St. Louis native, artist, and documentarian. I am a member of The Screwed Arts Collective as a documentarian and collaborator.

I like for my documentation of artists to be more of a collaboration between the artist, myself, and the musician versus a one sided opportunity. They are films to me. Not promos. My editing style can be thought of as a moving collage of imagery captured during a process of creation and composed in a chronological order to represent and interpret the story.

A more recent interest of mine is what I am calling abstract dancers. I am working on some new pieces right now where I almost think of myself as a choreographer. I am documenting a lot of motion, mainly natural elements but also movements in the built environment. I am working with more classically made music on these. As I edit them with this music I like to make it seem like my subjects were listening to that song as they moved through the world. Keeping consistency with the idea of collaborating with my subjects and the musician, and arranging them like a collage only less linear. You will be able to see these soon enough.

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