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Throughout life I have learn’t and developed a set of creative positive values and always tried to live, share and promote them. This is an ongoing process and we believe in everyone’s right to freedom of speech, learning and their right to express and share what they believe. We are an independent organization, apolitical and have only a creative agenda and source and publish positive, inspiring creative stories news and information. We believe that if we can ‘inspire’ each other, then that can change the lives of hundreds , and change the world at large for the better.We connect as time and space reduces, and consider all aspects of life. The scientific proof and research is out to show how a positive environment can not only affect our chemical and physical state as individuals, but makes us healthier and more stable, with happiness and positive energy spreading to people around us. We know from personal experience the amazing effects of this. and feel passionate about real positive news and information as well as our philosophy of creating this opportunity for society at large and the world.Join our growing Community of Friends who choose to be educated and empowered rather than left depressed and overwhelmed. We are always open to suggestions of how we can improve this site and our service, so please contact, bookmark us, become a friend or follower, tell your friends and come back often. We encourage and invite your involvement and like to hear your stories, comments and opinions and will respond always.

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