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Mill Valley, California

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Jake Glavis has over 17 years of experience building strong partnerships with local subcontractors, suppliers and city inspectors. They’re uniquely positioned to provide you with honest, accurate and cost effective solutions to meet your building needs. With Pacific Ridge Construction, client satisfaction truly is priority #1.

Pacific Ridge Construction (PRC), established in 1995, is a locally owned and certified Green Building General Contracting firm located in Marin County. Jake Glavis is a Marin native, he is also the founder and owner of PRC. Jake holds a deep passion for this beautiful area. This passion translates into every aspect of Pacific Ridge’s business; planning, building and customer service…all at the highest levels of quality and detail.
PRC and all of its sub-contractors are fully licensed, bonded and insured. They look forward to working with you to deliver a product that will surpass your expectations, meet your budget and bring your family joy for many years to come.

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