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I'm a freelance director and cinematographer from Queens, NY. The work I do consist of music videos, short and feature films, interviews, and live events. I'm a DIY guy and budget filmmaker, so most of the equipment I use are either hand made or bought cheap (not including my camera!), but I use them to their full extent to create awesomely stunning visuals. I mainly shoot on DSLRs, but have experience shooting with a variety of other cameras as well.

My two short films SAMPAGUITA BOY and ESPIONAGE [PROLOGUE] were both official selections at the 2011 and 2012 International Film Festival of Manhattan. SAMPAGUITA BOY also made it to the semi-finals at the 2009 180 MicroCinema Film Festival, Philippines.

Some of the music videos I've directed and DP'd for have been featured and garnered attention from several blogs such as stuffflypeoplelike.com and blog.thenext2shine.com.


Apart from directing and DP work, I'm also an editor (FCP7 & Adobe CS6), photographer, voice actor, and actor.

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