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Orlando, Florida

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Jake Aaron Williams is a creative professional who holds an MA in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University, where he also taught screenwriting and beginning video production for two years. He is an experienced freelance digital videographer, non-linear editor, DVD authoring engineer, director, and writer who just sold his first two screenplays in a one-step deal. But if he told you any more than that, he'd have to kill you...legal secrets and all that.

Jake has worked on video, editing, and DVD authoring projects for Flir, Pampers, PetPals TV, The Merchants of Bollywood, and many others. He has created audio and video for iPhone app developers like RapDevPro, actors creating audition videos, on-hold voice over companies like DaCapo Productions, and more.

Jake was recently asked to draft a series of blogs for the screenwriting website FiveSprockets.com and is interested in the long-form commercial as a viral art form for its advertising potential.

For more information or to contact Jake for more work samples, an up-to-date reel or a resume, email him at jakeaaronwilliams@gmail.com

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