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I am a videographer, editor, online developer, and new media enthusiast. Currently, I am the resident technologist and Director of New Media for Misnomer Dance Theater.

My interests in interactive media, technology, and the arts led me to work with Darian Dauchan, Misnomer, and other performers working with arts+technology.

My career in theater & video production began at NYU Tisch. I hold a Masters Degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. In addition to my theater work, I act as an online consultant for individuals, small businesses, and arts organizations. I also teach courses and lead workshops in online outreach, video production, and webdesign.

In my past lives, I have worked as a lighting designer in Williamstown Theater Festival, a segment producer at NYU-TV, and a concessions worker for Playwrights Horizons Theater.

I also drove 35,000 miles through the Dirty South working for Verizon Wireless, and have met Jared who lost many pounds eating only Subway Sandwiches. I am an avid cyclist and yogi. You can find me blogging on these sites:


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