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I have a passion for life, an unrelenting desire to reach my potential in whatever I do and to show the beauty of the world through my personal films & for my PringleMEDIA clients.

As Pringle Media we work together with a number of experienced freelance videographers, photographers & artists working on projects worldwide. We are creative, adventurous and passionate in what we do. Our background in extreme sports means that we can film in places, environments & situations that many can’t go - and are one of the most innovative production companies around.

I’m passionate about producing top quality imagery and capturing those little glimpses that make life come alive. That’s what we aim to do on any Pringle Media project. We use the best equipment available and that in turn means we can offer you the best production quality in return.

We're based in Nottingham and Warrington but love to travel and would go to any place on Earth to film your video project.

Enjoy the videos we produce :-)


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