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Oh hey! Send me a pleasant email on jamesbirrell@outlook.com if you'd like something made.

In the past 6 months:

Teaching incursions at primary schools on film making.
Doing aerial videography and shooting promotional Paintball videos at Sunbury.
Assisting with children's music-video-making parties.
Documenting the day, compiling slideshows and testimonials for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs.
Acting in a horror first-person simulator as a zombie.
Creating promotion videos for spill companies.

Most of these can be seen in my showreel video. If you like the looks of it and would enjoy something similar being made, let me know! I'll be in the US between June and September of 2013, but will be back in October returning to Melbourne.

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  • LinkedIn - My linked in profile. Has more info of my previous film work.
  • YouTube - An older YouTube channel of mine.

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