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I am James Hechim a very p/t professional actor, who really... has always had
to do hard labor work...construction/carpentry and at least a recent decade of ass
breaking physical grayyard shift forklift freight throwing work...to eek out a less than acheivable living.

Still, I'd like to continue toward bringing my creative working man's soul...my
imagination and my versatile "dive right in" commitment and make this a
full time career someday!

Thank you for watching some of my work from a couple decades!
I've been blessed to work with some fine actors and directors, you can see
many on my IMDB page. Some of my original pack from Seattle/Portland
days are doing really well for themselves in this business. We all sort of
paddled out at the same time back then...were friends, creative co-conspirators,
"Daredreamers"...who shared that big wave that came through the North West
back in the late 80's early 90's. Some of us kept riding...like: Billy Burke,
Brendan Fraser, Brent David Fraser, Sheryl Lee, Jim Caviesal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan...
to name a few. Hope I catch up to them some where on that big wave...someday!

James Hechim

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