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James Louis Hedley. 22 years old. Freelance self shooting/self editing director.

Working professionally directing/shooting music videos and event videos.

Independently, Writing/Directing/Shooting/Editing short films and documentaries with socially charged themes that focus on exposing the realities of 21st century society.

Contact me on: jameshedleyfilms@hotmail.co.uk

Enjoy what you see! Cheers


  1. Electric Shadow Company
  2. Lawrence Page
  3. Motion Eccentricá
  4. Ninian Doff
  5. AMC
  6. David Schofield
  7. Jérôme de Gerlache
  8. Michael Sugrue
  9. Josh Soskin
  10. Robert James Chamberlain
  11. Chaz Callingham-Woods
  13. Jack Deacon
  14. Dan Sachar

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