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Called "a wizard of concision and a master of discomfort" by the New York Times, James Westby is an independent filmmaker from Portland, OR. He writes, directs, and edits provocative films with economical budgets and no compromises. And big laughs!

His features include FILM GEEK (video store clerk loses his job and starts working at an auto parts warehouse), THE AUTEUR (sweet romantic comedy about the world’s greatest porn director) and RID OF ME (timid housewife wreaks revenge on her yuppie husband and his asshole friends).

Westby's work has shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival, Palm Springs Shortsfest, and many many others. He is currently at work on his next feature, the experimental documentary AT THE VIDEO STORE.
His favorite movie of all time is Robert Altman’s THE LONG GOODBYE.

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