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James started shooting music videos in his spare time whilst working as a part-time Moon Raker and studying Graphic Art at University. An unofficial DJ slot at Leeds Festival (which James scored through a friend of a friend) led to his first commission for The Old Romantic Killer Band ‘You Don't Know How to Love’, on Leeds label Bad Sneakers Records.

Following this, James was quickly commissioned to produce an animated short for Greenpeace, and the debut video for Bradford's high flyers Jon Jones and the Beatnik Movement.

James swiftly moved to the Big Smoke to seek fame and fortune. He has since represented Partizan as a Director in the Smoke and Mirrors 48 hour film contest. The short film went onto win the competition.

James continues to work as a part time Moon Raker and indulges in film making across London in the hope of developing his career as a film director. He is currently nominated for a 4talent Award for Music video Directing and has been featured in Art Rocker Magazine.


other workings can be seen at youtube.com/jameswillisfilm

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