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jamie griffiths is a photographer, film director, collaborator, experimentalist, interactive computer media artist & community gallerist as well as a researcher & adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia (Film and Theatre), developing new video projection technologies for live performance. Jamie moved to Canada in 1989 from the UK as a young artist developing a passion for experimental photography and darkroom techniques. These led her into film-making and from there to interactive visual/sound/movement performances for dance and orchestra. jamie's photography on gender, sexuality and body-piercing has been published worldwide. Performance collaborations with dance choreographers, composers and computer artists led her into deeper into software-based interactive performance design, using motion capture/trigger techniques as well as wireless hand controllers for her live film performances & improvised performances with composers and dancers. Her latest works have included a 3D video-projection collaboration with mathematician and DNA knot specialist, Rob Scharein working with the texts of sufi mystics, photography and complex mathematical visualizations.

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