James "Jamie" Harland Lockhart

Pittsburgh, PA

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I am a filmmaker based out of Pittsburgh PA but born and raised in the sunny hills of West Virginia.

I have a B.A in Cinema and Digital Arts from Point Park University with a concentration in directing but am now a freelance editor and videographer.

I graduated in 2007 and have been doing freelance video production work ever since, primarily in Post Production in the Pittsburgh area. Haven't made it out to NYC or LA yet but I definately see them in my future.

Currently, I am editing a feature horror film by Pittsburgh filmmaker Jeff Monahan called "Corpsing" - which is in the final stages of post production. For this film I did all of the capturing, logging, color correction, and rough to final edit of the film entirely by myself. It was a huge undertaking but ultimately it taught me alot about editing and I think has made me stronger as a visual storyteller. I am also something of a screen writer and have several productions penned and ready to go including some re-imagining of known Hollywood properties.

I am also working on experimental videos for a David Lynch inspired, Pittsburgh based band called "SIlencio". These videos have been seen in NYC as well as various shows in Pittsburgh.

Last but not least, I have my own sci-fi webseries called "Flatwoods" that is part documentary and part narrative that focuses on true West Virginia folklore. The series is ongoing and I see a feature in the not-too distant future.

Please contact me if you have an editing project that needs completed. My number is 412-805-9926 or email me at jhl5films@hotmail.com

Please rate and review my films. I value your opinion.

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