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Independent choreographer Janet Schmid has presented her work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Defibrillator Gallery, the Elastic Arts Foundation, the Spareroom, and Happy Dog Gallery, as well as in vacant lots, park district buildings, nightclubs, apartments, parked cars, and loft spaces throughout Chicago. She has been called "an outsider artist (with) a naive sophistication,” “refreshingly off the map," and "simultaneously intense and ludicrous.” Janet has received a Links Hall LinkUP performing artist's residency for her piece Laundry Pile and a Chicago Cultural Center DanceBridge choreographer's residency for her piece Craptastic. Janet recently performed in Liz Lerman's The Matter of Origins community cast, in Daniele Wilmouth's Super 16mm dance film, Fanfare for Marching Band, and in a solo version of her own Milk Nest at Ania Greiner and Jessica Hannah's Food & Performance series at Defibrillator Gallery.

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  1. Hi Janet, Thanks for your interest in my work. I also enjoyed watching the above "Pilotless" work. I wish you well in 2014 and hope to see your new experiments.