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Janine Eggenberger discovered her passion for dance in her early age. Grown up in Switzerland and started dancing ballet at the age of 6 with passing all the exams of the Royal Academy of Dancing. Followed by daily training at the Arena225 or Colombo Dance Factory in Zurich. 2010 Janine moved to New York to study for over a year at Peridance Capezio Center and Broadway Dance Center. She danced Salsa for Koncepto Karisma in NY, performed contemporary in pieces from Tracie Stanfield and Brice Mousset. During the end of her year in NY she found her new passion Aerial Silks which she consistently focused on. Janine studied at Trapeze School New York and with Maja Weiller in Switzerland. Upon comp lection of her education she toured as a dancer and aerialist with the company Deep Emotions and enjoyed her engagement in the air at the theater in Bern for the opera the flying dutch. Janine got into the finals with her silks act by the swiss got talent. Following with a lot of aerial or salsa shows with Victor Ortega for different Company events. Since she is back in New York with her artist visa, she danced in the piece „Light, breath, life & thought“ choreographed by Charly Wenzel and is dancing Salsa for Bajari de Yamulée. Janine is teaching silks, hammock and Cloud Swing at the Muse in Williamsburg and works with different artists for different Aerial Productions in New York and Switzerland.

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