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Jan Schöttler is a Berlin based designer and director, creating print- and motion projects in the field of brand-
experience. He provides art direction and design concepts, creates and directs video portraits, short films and commercials, loves typography, illustration and handcraft and has a wide network of can-do people to execute even larger scaled ideas.

He previously lived in Innsbruck, Austria and worked for clients such as adidas, Atomic, Audi, Downdays, Eastpak, Killer Loop, Nine Knights, Red Bull Mediahouse and O´Neill. He also produced two feature length freeski-movies and was part of the Laserkatz Artspace, a collective of artists hosting an exhibition series.

Before moving to the mountains, Jan ran his own design studio in Munich, as one of three directors, producing TV-commercials and motion design for broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF, NBC Universal Global Networks, Pro7Sat1-Productions, 13th Street, SciFi Channel and Tele5.

He holds a BA in media design and beside his love for what he´s doing, this guy likes mountains, oceans, rock music, good coffee, Italian food, hitting the road and to see the world. And he think´s it´s weird to write about himself in third person. Er spricht auch Deutsch.

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