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  1. Social Media Engagement

    by Engagement Media joined

    13 Videos / 13 Members

    All stuff about social media and the engagement of people.

  2. Mental Illness

    by Anna joined

    65 Videos / 28 Members

    Bipolar Disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS, Borderline, Anxiety, PTSD, Stress Related Disorders, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Addiction Disorders, Schizophrenia, Abuse related disorders, Trauma related…

  3. Bipolar Films

    by Jon Biddle joined

    16 Videos / 14 Members

    This group is for filmmakers who are directly or indirectly affected by bipolar disorder. It is a place where people can showcase work that communicates emotions that are felt during manic or depressed…

  4. Vlogs

    by Bram Van der Hallen joined

    1,066 Videos / 154 Members

    Nice group for people who like to 'Vlog'. Vlogging or Video blogging, is a form of blogging for which the medium is video. Become a member and add your own vlogs to this group.

  5. Me Right Now

    by Blake Whitman joined

    329 Videos / 738 Members

    What are you doing right now? Make a video of whatever you are doing and upload it with the tag 'merightnow'. Make sure to add it to the group! Please do not add videos that are not…

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