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My story is pretty simple and amazingly complex. Like so many others I was overweight, tired, sick, overworked, underpaid, stressed to the max and was buried in debt. I was also a diagnosed Manic Depressive (Bi-Polar) who hated his meds, had horrible insomnia and got sick at least four times a year from stress. I wanted to feel better and believed the way to get there was to take supplements. I believed in supplements so much that I was taking 70 supplements a day every single day. If you name it I probably took it. B complexes, multiple vitamins, calcium, St. John's Wart, Kava Kava, Vitamin C, etc., etc.

I took them every day hoping that eventually I'd be able to survive off of my meds and without manic episodes. Then one day as I was working, a nurse was picking out glasses, she saw me taking my vitamins and asked "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I told her what I took and why I took it and while she was impressed with my knowledge of the product she wasn’t impressed with my lack of common sense.

"Do you feel a difference?" she asked.

I hadn't felt anything. That's why I kept taking more and more and more supplements! So she offered me a B-complex, Multivitamin and Isotonix OPC-3®. I looked at the ingredients and immediately doubted the supplements. I was already taking almost EVERY single ingredient in way higher concentrations. Then she explained what "isotonic" meant. It meant that for the first time ever, I'd actually absorb my supplements and could benefit from them.

I didn't believe her. I didn't think these supplements would make any difference at all, but I bought them anyway. Maybe it was to prove her wrong, maybe it was because I wanted to believe, maybe I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, or maybe it was just because I could tell she cared. No matter the reason that day my life changed and I will forever be grateful to Lisa Winkler (the nurse who mentioned the products) for caring enough to mention what she had.

I was so impressed with the quality of the products and the power of Isotonix that I eventually left my job with one of the largest General Nutrition Companies in the industry, and now work full-time helping others use the powerful products from Market America.

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