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Nottingham. UK

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Filmmaker & Editor for Fat Free Media. Shooting my own projects also.

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  • Facebook Page - My personnel facebook page where I share film and photography.


  1. goprogenic
  2. Mackenzie Sheppard
  3. Ben Briand
  4. Vid-Atlantic Media Prod
  5. Bevan Percival
  6. GoPro
  7. Thousand Yard Films
  8. Bruce W. Berry Jr
  9. Sergio Araujo jr
  10. Camille Marotte
  11. Roberto Miller
  12. Phil Arntz
  13. Philip Bloom
  14. David Hedges

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  1. Thats lovely. I have the same setup minus the FPV. what are you using? would you recommend it? Keep up the great work!