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Born in Greenville, North Carolina, he is the only son of Ben and Pamela Rice. Jason fell in love with the idea that he could be a film make after seeing “Do the right thing” directed by spike Lee. Jason went on to attend North Carolina Wesleyan College on a basketball and track scholarship were he was an English major. Jason later transferred to North Carolina A&T University were he pursued a degree in journalism, Jason began actively pursuing his movie making dream after he was asked to co-write a television series “sector 21” for the campus T.V. station. Shortly after realizing his true potential he packed up everything he had and moved to Atlanta Georgia and enrolled into American Intercontinental University, were he received his associates in media production. Jason founded his own production house Workaholics Films in 2006. He later earned a Degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Jason has produced and directed numerous short films. In October 2008 He became an award winning filmmaker with his short film “Differences” (it won third place at Urban Media Makers Film Festival) In January of 2009 his film B.A.S.E was nominated for best in show in the Campus Movie Festival. In 2010 at the same Film Festival his movie Dejection was Nominated for Best Drama.Now Jason is continuing honing the art of film making, he is currently helping launch a new production company that he is a co founder of Sole Studios.

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