Jasper Leak

Berlin, New York, Sydney, LA

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Jasper Leak is a musician originally from Sydney, Australia. He has made a name for himself as a multi-instrumentalist and composer, most recently having toured internationally playing bass with artists such as Tegan and Sara, SIA and Fran Healy of Travis.
Jasper lived in New York for 7 years in which time he recorded and performed with a range of artists, stylistically oscillating between rock, jazz, indie, gospel, pop, hip-hop, soca, blues and singer-songwriter gigs.
He studied at the New School University, a progressive university which prides itself on being open-minded and forward-thinking, based on a thorough understanding of tried and true music theory and techniques; an approach that was not lost on Jasper.
Jasper recently released a two-track single on iTunes entitled The Fall.


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