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Javier Carmona works in that intersection between the still photograph and the motion picture. Recent projects include Mexican Cinema, Love Streams and a short film on boxing entitled, Pugna. Many of these works see him also in the role of actor, initially out of necessity, while acknowledging an autobiographic need to do so.

"Whatever the narrative, it's going to be founded on long takes, sustained emotion, ambiguous gestures, temporal locations, ruins, the sea, memory, dreams, chance, accidents. I can't bring myself to use the word 'storytelling'."

Recent exhibitions include L’art 23tres Contemporary Art, Mexico City / Peeler Art Center at DePauw University / Wilmer Jennings Gallery, New York / Galería La Masmédula, Mexico City / National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago / and the Museum of Pocket Art.

Carmona holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MFA from the University of New Mexico. He lives and teaches in the Chicago area, while visualizing many recent projects in Mexico and Italy.

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