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Javier Corso started his studies as photographer at Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia in 2008. He coursed a Photojournalism Postgraduate at Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2010 and he began his professional career working on journals such as El Periódico de Catalunya or El País. He starts his activity in the world of cinema at Escola Superior de Cinema i Ausiovisuals de Catalunya in 2012.

His work has been awarded in LUX Photography Awards from Professional Photographers Association of Spain and exhibited in festivals such as FOTOWEEK DC (Washington D.C.) or VISA OFF (Perpignan, France). The Cervantes Institute of New York exhibited his project SOLDADOS in 2014.

Nowadays he lives in Barcelona and he combines his work as freelance photojournalist with the development of other projects and commissions in all areas of photography.

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