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Argentine-born filmmaker and visual artist Javier Olivera works primarily in film, video and photography. Coming from a film industry background, he applies expertise and technology gained in that terrain to create independent works in order to preserve a personal discourse and production resources with no ties to industrial standards.

Trained initially in painting with Argentine artists Jorge Simes, Angel Capano, Luis Felipe Noé and Eduardo Stupía, he later studied film and video at UCLA, US, and Iberoamerican literature at Fundación José Ortega y Gasset of Spain. He completed his education by working as an assistant director in films and TV series for eight years. Has directed feature films, documentaries and TV series in Argentina, Spain and the US.

Alongside, Javier has developed since 1990 a body of work that covers paintings, photographs, videos and video installations that have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Argentina and abroad. His works can be found in private collections of France, Argentina and the US.

Olivera´s work focuses on the relationship between man and nature, and how culture and memory build identity. Blurring the line between the documentary and an experimental expression, he provides a poetic approach to individual and social issues.

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