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  1. Just Add Gas

    by Samuel Choung joined

    410 Videos / 53 Members

    Anything related to tire shredding, drifting, burning fuel, crashing, sideways, high speed, and awesome in general.

  2. Rapidoz☆

    by emiliano joined

    425 Videos / 78 Members

    For all JDM, Drift and Race freaks!!! Join and enjoy.. www.rapidoz.de

  3. Race

    by seo joined

    7 Videos / 2 Members

  4. Rally & Racing HD

    by terjesk joined

    286 Videos / 80 Members

    This is a racing and rally only group, please do not add other material.

  5. Racing

    by David Moody joined

    98 Videos / 10 Members

    Favorite racing vids

  6. Road Racing

    by Mikah Barnett joined

    332 Videos / 89 Members

    Post your in-car videos here! NASA, SCCA, whoever you run with, share your videos with the group.

  7. Automotive - Racing

    by Scott Madans joined

    74 Videos / 12 Members

    All types of automotive racing including street and track cars and trucks.

  8. drifting

    by kashif bhatti joined

    125 Videos / 29 Members


    by Ryan joined

    507 Videos / 107 Members

  10. Drifting

    by EL_Loco joined

    683 Videos / 133 Members

    Keep it Straight drive sideways !

  11. Drifting for Fun

    by Miguel Gonçalves joined

    950 Videos / 169 Members

    Share your Drifting videos here! Competition or just for fun, this is the group to follow :) Also follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DriftingForFun


    by Drifting|HD joined

    2,415 Videos / 686 Members

    If you like high entry speeds, lots of tire smoke, door banging tandem runs, or just anything drifting. This group is for you.

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