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Story is pivotal point of any production and is not just limited to films. It needs to be a part of any production whether a film or commercial or corporate.

I am full time director and editor with over 9 years of experience. Having worked on various aspects of production, I feel that I am the right person for your job.

Among list of my creative work, I have directed various projects including a feature length documentary ‘Only 78’. Additionally, I am currently directing a web series ‘The Wedd Lounge’, a Short Documentary ‘Rising India’.

My corporate and commercial work includes projects for companies like ,Ellis Don Construction, Metro Toronto Zoo, Canadian Association of Medical Radition, Hydro One, Shredit, Kenadain Contracting and Toronto Police Association

I have also provided freelance services for production company CreativeBubeTube.com. My work as an editor there includes projects like CarProof, Auto Trader, Haydrator & Inkjet

If you want me involved on a project, I can help make your product and services stand out among your competitors.

For those interested to check out my production work, check out jawadmir.com

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