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  1. Mark Valino

    Mark Valino Plus Toronto


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    The Visual Misfit. For Mark Valino Video/Filmmking is life. Director/Producer/Editor/Videographer, The full production package in one. Mark Valino started shooting and editing films in highschool with analog video. At a young age, learning the concepts of video/fimmaking in analog he easily applied…

  2. themanifesto.ca

    themanifesto.ca Toronto, Ontario


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    Manifesto Community Projects is a non-profit grassroots organization working to unite, energize, and celebrate Toronto's vibrant and diverse music and arts community and find innovative ways of working together towards common goals. Everything we do is geared towards fulfilling our mandates…

  3. Jarle Leirpoll

    Jarle Leirpoll PRO Norway


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    Jarle is a self-employed film maker and a Certified Master Instructor Trainer for Adobe Premiere Pro. He has been working in the Video business since 1983, and thes days he does mostly documentaries and corporate movies in addition to a lot of training, teaching Premiere Pro, After Effects and Camera…

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