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A writer with a flair for creative expressions.
I consider myself an artist and as an artist I think it is up to us [artistic community] to express life through our work.

There are so many pieces of this thing called life that are interesting in ways in which for the most part, a person with an artistic vision can describe in words, video, film, photos, art and music.

I believe in the art of expression and hope to reproduce that with interesting creations through video, written word and photos.

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  1. yes, i know, THIS movie was brilliant! But I was talking about the 'disney pixar' version!
  2. Jaye Atlanta commented on The Aurora
    I can't wait to experience this for myself! You have peaked my interest once again! Amazing.
  3. Wow, this was brilliant! I loved the expressions and the way it all came together without words. Excellent job, can't wait for the movie.