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I like to fly fish, I sometimes shoot video of it. Vimeo is better than that other video site.


  1. Benjamin Dickinson
  2. Merlin Mann
  3. Filmed In Tahoe
  4. Marc Crapo
  5. The Stripset

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  1. I know this place well. Nice vid. Some gnarly landslides this year.
  2. Many, but not all, states have some regulation of fishing on spawning grounds, closures and such, but many do not. However, I do not know many fly anglers who look kindly upon fishing redds.
  3. That is pretty damn fantastic, I thought it was shopped for sure when I saw the thumbnail.
  4. The soundtrack is really, no, everything is above average for a fly fishing film. Unbelievably gorgeous, folks. I must own it.