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We’re a small team of cinematographers which specializes in weddings films. Currently, we’re based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but have no problem to travel around the country or the world for assignments.
It all began in 2011, when we’re doing wedding photography stills, we would occasionally include some video footage into our same day edit slideshows just to make them more interesting. The response from the crowds were much better than we expected, and since then we have been perfecting our crafts and our passion in wedding films grew. The rest was history. If a picture worth a thousand words, a film definitely worth beyond that.

Our shooting style has been constantly evolving. Creative input aside, we always want our films to stay true to our couple’s personalities. Each wedding basically tells its own story. About two unique characters that are united by love. We’re not directors and there is no screenplay. We rely on real emotions and simply capture the moments as they unfolds.

When we’re not doing weddings, we’d shoot video for corporate events or some personal projects in our spare time. If you like our style and want to know more about our package, please don’t be shy to drop us a message. Lastly, thanks for dropping by and hope to hear from you soon.

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