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Jeanne Madic is a young french photographer and a Super-8mm filmmaker with celtic origins and based in Aubervilliers near Paris , France. She has a passion for the grain and spirit of film photography, accidents that can only happen through this medium and its slow qualities.
She has a high interest in dreams, their special geography and the characters you may encounter in them , ghosts and lighter beings, memory.
She collaborates regularly with musicians , photographers and fashion stylists as a model , a performer and loves to produce artworks for album covers / music videos.
Her work ( represented by the Galerie Plume - France - between 2006 and 2008 ) has been shown in Germany , France , Lituania and Slovakia .
Jeanne studied at the most inspiring artschool , Glasgow School of Arts , Scotland and has a theatre background , former actress and student at Paris' Sorbonne Nouvelle & Glasgow University . In photography though she is mainly a self-taught .

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