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Jean Sarmiento currently resides in Miami, FL a born artist Jean has been drawing since his earliest memories allow him to recall. Working mainly in the arena of oil paint Jean has expanded into other mediums such as acrylic, spray, digital illustration, Animation, 3D modeling, even crafts and techniques utilizing a combination of those mediums, Jeans work has turned to the realm of what we hes calling activation art with an emphasis on sound and color therapy. These skills have brought him into the film production industry where he does everything from direct, produce, film, Interview and assist. Jean's stories revolve around History, Culture and Environment here in South Florida with one successful production under his belt and 2 more in the works Jean continues gathering experience in this field. Jean also is an advocate for the Florida Everglades his connections with the Tribe have led him to be fully immersed in the current issues concerning the water quality of the Glades he regularly hosts exclusive VIP tours and educates on the subject and is steering his work into eco art friendly pieces.

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