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  1. Animators of Soho showreels

    by Jed Fisher subscribed to

    4 Videos / 2 Followers

    Showreels for Animators working in and around Soho London

  2. psl - Pepe-School-Land

    by psl subscribed to

    61 Videos / 382 Followers

    Channel to promote the studens, some works made with open open source programs. Pepe-School-Land is an animation school based in Barcelona.

  3. Joan Marc Fuentes Iglesias

    by Joan Marc Fuentes Iglesias subscribed to

    10 Videos / 29 Followers

    CHARACTER ANIMATOR http://www.linkedin.com/in/joanmarcfuentes Contact: joanmarcfuentes@gmail.com

  4. 'Reel'y Inspiring!

    by Matt Ornstein subscribed to

    221 Videos / 1,081 Followers

    A channel to showcase character animation demo reels.

  5. Film and Animation Addicted

    by no name party subscribed to

    782 Videos / 586 Followers

    This channel is about good films and animations. If you're also a great aniamtion and film lover subscribe! If you want to see your video here, feel free to leave here a message! You…

  6. Animator Reels

    by gerardo castellanos subscribed to

    119 Videos / 447 Followers

    awesome animator's demo reels

  7. Animation Muse

    by Alex Amelines subscribed to

    946 Videos / 1,296 Followers

    This is a collection of inspiring pieces of CHARACTER animation. The kind that make you want to grab pen and paper or run to your computer and start creating. For more inspiration visit http://www.onehugeeye.com/

  8. Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX

    by Zblur subscribed to

    298 Videos / 1,419 Followers

    The best of the best! ;) Bit by bit, we will gather here the better stuff in the photorealistic CGI area. The videos are arranged according to the number of plays. If someone wants to be added,…

  9. TVPaint Animation

    by David Nethery subscribed to

    57 Videos / 225 Followers

    Animated films made using the software TVPaint Animation . http://www.tvpaint.com

  10. Inspirational

    by François Mathey subscribed to

    2,993 Videos / 22K Followers

    Creative and short visual entertainment. Web: http://1nspirational.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1nspirational Group: https://vimeo.com/groups/inspirational Estimated contributors: http://nofatclips.com http://ventilate.ca PS:…

  11. Short of the Week

    by Short of the Week subscribed to

    906 Videos / 16.5K Followers

    Leading curators of online short film since 2007. www.shortoftheweek.com Want to be featured? Submit your film shortoftheweek.com/submit We made a film! "The Thomas Beale Cipher" http://vimeo.com/19115071

  12. CalArts Animation

    by CalArts subscribed to

    110 Videos / 2,135 Followers

    CalArts student animations.

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