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I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1979.

I moved to the USA in 2001 for my college education,
graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004
as a 3D animator, and have been working as a freelance
animator - illustrator since November 2004

I practiced at various art courses and schools in Istanbul
before I moved to USA. Studied design and painting
with academic figure painter Aslan Eroglu from 1996 until 1999,
where I started to develop an artistic intellect.

I worked on different art jobs throughout the years,
including body painting at festivals, custom T-shirt designs,
and 4 years as a tattoo artist. After college, I decided to concentrate
my work on character animation and digital illustration. I moved to New York
where I started working on various animated shorts in different techniques
over the years.

After 4 years of production experience in the New York industry,
I moved back to Istanbul in 2008, worked on short term projects for more
than a year inside various studios. In 2009 me and my business partner Cengiz Zanbak established Treves Studios. Currently, I`m producing, directing,
and animating short films for my clients on project basis.

I try to be involved in projects where I can experiment.
My illustration and animation work focuses on character and concept art. A number of
my work may be directly or indirectly political, containing
a social commentary.

I live in Istanbul, while working on various animated shorts,
pushing my career towards directing feature animation and film.
My hobbies include composing electronic music, writing,
cycling and photography...

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Jeff Treves
Treves Studios
TEL : +90 (216) 565 58 88
Goztepe, Istanbul 34730

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