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Columbia, MO

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You should know that I am a person who likes to eat good food, hang out with my dog and think about thinks after a cup of coffee or two. After 5PM, that's a different story. . .

I like to collage images and capture them organically as well. If I could aim for being a film deity I would go for the offspring of Werner Herzog & Lynne Ramsay as heirs to the National Geographic fortune. That would be pretty cool, but as life goes, I could also stand for Bobb Ross and Carl Sagan as my gay dads.

Someday I would like to have a pool outside my house with a slide that goes from my room to the pool and that is how I would get out of bed every morning. Hopefully I can attain this by sharing something beneficial and enjoyable with the world through film.


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  1. Jennifer Razor commented on 50 Fingers
    amazing. i will never stop being amazed by this video.