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Jenny Mayhem is a Toronto based singer-songwriter. Born and raised on the West Coast of Barbados, she travelled to Canada at the age of seventeen. After fronting the progressive rock act ADA for several years, Jenny changed pace with ‘Keep the Fire’, a 6-track EP released in 2009. She introduced her acoustic-folk side with an intimate performance at The Central, a tucked away venue in Toronto’s Annex district.

Songs from "Keep the Fire" are featured in a number of non-profit and artistic video campaigns. "When You're Older" can be heard in Greg Sucharew’s "Bicycle City" documentary, which follows the effects of donating thousands of bicycles to a small town in Nicaragua. This song also closes Denis Smith's "Ball of Light" film, covering the life story of a well-known Adelaide Photographer. "King of the Street", accompanies a short video of artist Jimmy McGilchrist's participation in Adelaide's 5000+ project, while “All the World” was used in a 2010 British organ donor campaign by the same name.

In October 2011, Jenny released her self-title EP, recorded and mixed by Steve Chahley at DNA Recording Facility. Directed by Ace Billet, the music video for "Wide Open" gained positive attention in Toronto's Exclaim! and The Grid magazines. Two videos created for "Alice in Wonderland" at the Utrecht School of Arts were also picked up by Exclaim! and press in the Netherlands. Jenny continues to write, record and collaborate with artists based in Toronto.

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