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Jeremy Keenan's creative practice has manifested as music, sound installation, multichannel audio, and immersive performance. He has performed and exhibited at venues like the Vienna MuseumsQuartier, Whitechapel Gallery, ICA, Roundhouse, Rich Mix, and Cafe Oto in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Galicia, Spain, and the Boston, USA Cyberarts Gallery, as well as various galleries and venues in Finland, Italy, Austria, USA and UK.

Jeremy is a director of the London-based sonic arts collective, Call & Response. With Call & Response, he has worked with artists like Jacob Kirkegaard, Robert Van Heumen, Steinbruchel, Mark Fell, Mats Lindstrom, Theo Burt, and Kaffe Matthews.

His current line of practice involves the development of new strategies in generative composition, live electronic music performance, and sound installation. This involves engaging with notions of feedback, the reconfiguration of familiar audio tools like speakers and microphones, and the communicative possibilities inherent in sound. Jeremy composes works using motion, recording, feedback, and light.

Jeremy has a PhD from Goldsmiths College, London in Studio Composition. He is of no known relation to the anthropologist of the same name.

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