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  1. 03:54

    Fresh Pop from Pillsbury for General Mills

    by Jeremy Ryan Carr

    0 Videos

    This is a series of videos I edited for Campbell Mithun and General Mills that highlights quick and easy weeknight dinner ideas featuring Pillsbury doughs and other General Mills products.

  2. 03:03

    Jack Link's Beef Jerky Operation Sky Meat

    by Jeremy Ryan Carr

    4 Videos

    This is a series of online spots I directed for Jack Link's Beef Jerky and their advertising agency Carmichael Lynch. The videos were used to heighten awareness of, interest in, and excitement…

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  6. 20:58

    Jeremy Ryan Carr - Editor: Target Corp. Work

    by Jeremy Ryan Carr

    1 Video

    This is a collection of projects that I have edited for Target Corporation over the years. The body of work encompasses broadcast, online, and in-store messaging.

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