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Jeremy Tintle is from Arizona State and San Luis City, USA. Jeremy Tintle was born on 29th of March 1970 in San Luis. Jeremy Tintle's father was an ordinary shopkeeper in San Luis. He completed his post graduation from the University of Arizona with first division in commerce. Jeremy Tintle is adept at singing and dancing. He has good hands at Guitar also. At present, Jeremy Tintle is working with a private firm as an account manager. Jeremy Tintle is an ideal person in his professional as well as personal life. He likes to do works within time frame. He is an optimistic person. Jeremy Tintle is fond of dancing and singing. Besides these, Jeremy Tintle likes listening to music, watching movies, playing soccer, photography and traveling. Jeremy Tintle is here to share and to watch his favorite videos. According to Jeremy Tintle, Vimeo is a nice place to share videos. Keep watching this video channel.