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Jesse Perez is a Miami based Videographer and Editor, who produces videos, moving through environments with ease, from inside hotel openings, to fashion shoots, to desert festivals, to Miami nightlife, to those painting the street and those watching. His interests span a range of genres and for each he is capable of harmonizing his talents and perception.


  1. Malvin Magri
  2. Vladislav Solovjov
  3. Elizabeth Cara
  4. Symbiosis Gathering
  5. DeepSleep Studio
  6. Eduardo Restrepo
  7. julian
  8. Dennis Pomales
  9. Vincent Urban
  10. Michael Raveney
  11. Isobel Knowles
  12. MILKYEYES - donato sansone
  13. Mayer\Leyva
  15. Michael Pavel
  16. Manifest Media
  17. Akira Chan Arts
  18. BFGF

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  1. There is a writer from LA named AROE MSK- i think hes stealing all his styles from Miami Typoe