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Recent graduate of RISD.
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Jess X Chen is a Chinese American multi-disciplinary poet, illustrator, and filmmaker drawn to the complex languages created when divergent art forms intersect. Her work has been recognized and shown by Asian American International Film Festival, Yale Environmental Film Festival, CURA magazine of Art and Action, Beasts of the Southern Wild and more. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design's film program, and studied playwriting and poetry at Brown University where she coached the 2013 College Union Poetry Slam (CUPSI) team and was awarded Pushing the Art Forward. She co-founded of LoveHoldLetGo, a film and theater production collective whose full-length play, Silence and the Earth strives to rethink what the Earth and its ravaged landscape might say to its colonizers if it hadn’t been ignored and casted as a exploitable space. It toured the North American continent playing over 50 shows and is now being adapted into a feature film.

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