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My name is Jesus Manuel Rojas Torres, I'm an internationalist, journalist, blogger who uses JESUSJAY as a pen & artistic name because it's easier to pronounce in both English and Spanish language.

The story behind the name is a funny one.

When my family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1979, my father advised me to use my middle name Manuel instead of Jesus because people in America believes that there is only one Jesus and that is beloved Jesus Christ.

Jesus is a very common name in Spanish, especially among Catholics throughout Latin America. When I moved for the second time to Florida in 1995, I had decided to call myself simply "J."

When people further asked me about my name J, I had to explain J as capital letter J stands for Jesus and thus, JESUSJAY was born. There is actually a domain name registered with that word and, as to anticipate ahead a nonprofit to be established when time is right.

It's important to note that yes, I'm proud of my name and proclaimed myself artistically to be a modern disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, my master and main example to follow in life, therefore JESUSJAY is an artistic name that carries out human consciousness education targeted at millenials.

Read more about my artistic job on the web at:

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    I saw this movie with my girlfriend and we both cry, we thought about how wonderful meditation is taught in the movie without saying it was a practice, I adored the little boy and photography and dialogue, no wonder it won the Oscar!