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cinematographer and AVID Media Composer certified video editor

He is a graduate of De La Salle University- Canlubang, with the degree of Business Administration major in Management. By 2006, he worked as a graphic designer for Sony BMG Music Entertainment and, on 2007 he worked as a junior video editor for MooMoo Inc. (a production company behind the show Rush TV on Studio 23) using Final Cut Pro.

Early 2008, he took up AVID MEDIA COMPOSER editing course in Singapore. Afterwards, he worked as a video editor for Surreal Pictures Pte. Ltd. (a production company for TV Shows in Singapore). By 2008 - 2009, he began doing freelance work in Laguna. Finally he decided to put up his own Video and Photo business on January 2010.

His passion for music and art greatly influences his style of editing videos.

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