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Jets Technics International Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (together the “Group”) are principally engaged in designing, producing and selling environmentally-friendly recyclable products.

The Group either sells its products directly to customers under its proprietary brands or manages entire construction projects from designing, producing, supplying to installation. Currently, the Group has a product development and design centre, which houses its team of in-house engineers and designers in Hong Kong.

For more than 30 years, Jets has been taking play seriously with great success. With our headquarter locate in Hong Kong, we maintain a close working relationship with our prestigious clients in Hong Kong and explore the oversea market. After the closure of production facilities in Hong Kong in 2009, the Company has outsourced its product from a major OEM Supplier namely Chung Tang Machinery Company ("Chung Tang") which is located in Dongguan of the PRC. Together with our technology and supervision, Chung Tang has successfully obtained the ISO9001 certification which could further ensure the quality standards of our products supply to our clients.

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