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Toronto, Canada

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Contemporary Psychedelic Art

Video Production, Photography, Digital Design & Animation.

Jhana Studios aims to push the envelope of what media can be by continually compelling the viewer to re-think it.

Every single production is an opportunity to incorporate new visual and auditory techniques in order to further develop our unique style.

What is Jhana?

"Jhāna (झान) is a meditative state of profound stillness and concentration in which the mind becomes fully immersed and absorbed in the chosen object of attention."

The term takes root in Pāli, upon which many early Buddhist texts were written,
although many other practices, cultures and languages encompass their own expressions for a corresponding psychological state:

Dhyāna - Sanskrit
Chán - Modern Chinese
Zen - Japanese
Seon - Korean
Thien - Vietnamese
Samten - Tibetan
Sufism - Fana
Hinduism - Yoga / Samadhi
Christianity - No direct term, although it is often paralleled as a spiritual marriage with the Holy Trinity.

Photography Work:

Contact Information:
Conor Brown
416 389 7713


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