Bristol, UK

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Live in Bristol, UK.
Freelance Video Editor.
Video Artist.


  1. Nicky Hamlyn
  2. Andy Galletly
  3. ImprovEverywhere
  4. clarsen
  5. kate rowles
  6. Sylvia Rimat
  7. Emma Bennett
  8. Katherina Radeva
  9. bd films
  10. Ben Dowden
  11. Clare Thornton
  12. Naren Wilks
  13. Sam Playford-Greenwell
  14. Conran&Haimes
  15. Alma Haser
  16. richard broomhall
  17. Central Station
  18. Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes

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  1. Hello, we just wanted to let you know that you have been selected as today's showcased artist on Central Station. You can see the feature here: http://bit.ly/JJams. Thanks for connecting with us.