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Jim and his wife Shirley recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary. Their son and daughter are both married and between the two have given them six grandchildren. Jim has been in the ministry for twenty five years serving in many capacities. Although he is an ordained minister, he served in partner relations and development for The Christian Broadcasting Network and Oral Roberts University. He is currently the Director of Partner Relations with Andrew Wommack Ministries where he also teaches on family relations at Charis Bible College, founded by Andrew Wommack. Jim and Shirley have a heart to see families build strong foundations and bring restoration and reconciliation to those that are broken.

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  1. Amen!! What an awesome video.. Our country failed tremendously when they took the power of life and death out of the Creators hands and placed it in a sinners hands.. I pray that this option be stopped!! Thank you for standing up and being a voice…