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I'm a musician, photographer, video maker, blog writer and podcast host/producer (for ImprovFriday) living in Brooklyn, NY. Currently my videos are captured on two digital cameras in video mode, one low-fi Nikon and the other a higher quality Olympus. My current work represents a range from essays around gigs to personal documentary the latter which I plan to focus on and develop more. I used to work in television production during the 80's cutting on 3/4" video decks and for the last year I've gotten aclimated to desktop editing which feels like 'tripping the light fantastic' from my time in the 80's. For many years I've shot still photography from serious study to candid with subjects of interest ranging from abstract color to street journalism in the stylings of Gary Winogrand and Gene RIchards. Delving into 'motion' has become rather exciting of late and I hope to make a leap to a high-def camera in coming months. Thanks for watching, stay tuned...

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