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In the past 20 years, the entertainment industry has undergone many changes in what is seen, heard and how it gets to the masses. What is constantly on mainstream TV and Radio and even other mediums including the web show a tiny representation of talent, creativity, style and culture etc. Currently, we are transitioning from older methods of getting new and underexposed entertainment. It's now about using new methods and strategies to create the exposure we need and desire!

We at we're convinced that there is a huge segment of the buying public that are artistically under served by the mainstream media and don’t know what and where to hear good music and see new TV. is a online musical/visual alternative that provides ongoing independent video and audio programming. We will build and expose people to new genres and styles of entertainment by having the freedom to be more “cutting-edge” than existing TV and Radio. We will provide viewers the worldly perspective on culture, lifestyle, opinion, history, art, music, performance and entertainment while providing the world to the artist.

As continues, there is much more to come. So if you like what you see (or not), then say so. Feel free to participate and make suggestions. We are building as you enjoy our beginnings!

Enjoy The Renaissance and Stay Tuned!!



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